CarbonX HD Pro: 2.2 Devices: iPhone 4/4S iOS: 4.1+

CarbonX Pro: 1.1 Devices: iPhone 4/4S iOS: 5.0+

CarbonX Pro 6: 2.0 Devices: iPhone 4/4S/5 iOS: 6.0+

Users Say

My favorite:

Just want to say 'thank you' a 100 times! Just bought your amazing (HQ) Carbon HD Pro theme. I have the iPhone for almost a year, seen 100s of themes but didn't know about yours until a few hours ago!!


I never email themes, but for this one, I had to!


You're quite an awesome designer/developer. Your theme is absurdly complete, very neat and extremely beautiful!!! The thing what I really really do love is that you didn't left something behind incomplete. It is so complete that I (actually everyone) have to or must appreciate!!! I wish there were lots of more designers like you who makes super HQ, stunningly beautiful and mindblowing complete themes!!


After this I was amazed that you also have a very straight forward, beautiful and complete website! Now thats how people should deliver!!


I really wish u all the best in your life (as in: a big billionaire company will discover you and hire you!)


Thank you... a 100 times!!


Cheers! and greets from Amsterdam!

a guy with a cup of chai™, Holland

"Having used the Free CarbonX theme before I updated to iOS 5 and loving it, I've decided to pay for the Pro version, absolutely loving the customisation. Have used a lot of themes and this is by far the best. Well worth the money!!"

John, Scotland




"This theme is the best one out there and worth way more than the $2.99 that you are charging for it.  Keep up the great work!"

Doug, US




"Thanks for making this theme, it is by far my favorite and well worth the money.

I had bought a few themes before I discovered CarbonX free version, and the free version is better than any of the other paid ones too!"

Mike, US




"I've been showing CarbonX HD off to my friends and they've all been very impressed.  This is by far the cleanest and most impressive theme on Cydia, hands down"

Jared, Canada




"I have tried a lot of themes, but I have to say CarbonX HD takes 1st price. This is the most thoroughly developed theme I have ever seen. Really suits the iPhone 4."

Jonas, Denmark




"Thank you for the wonderful theme!!!"

Alex, Italy



"First off I want to say thank you for THE best free theme on Cydia, just looks amazing on my iPhone 4. Hands Down!"

Eric, US



"Really great work with this theme. You've restored my faith in clean theme designs."

Robert, Miami, US

"I'd just like to say that this is an awesome theme. It looks like you've put alot of time and effort into it and i really appreciate the fact that you have released this to the public for free to download. Thanks! I love it!"

Kevin, UK




"Thank you so much for the wonderful theme. I find it the BEST on CYDIA."

Dan, US




"I love the theme! It looks great and will be on my phone for a long time! Best part is, that you offer it for free."

Josh, CA



"Tout simplement SPLENDIDE !! Des icones magnifique, une quantité incroyable de parametres personnalisables et constamment mis a jour ! le plus beau des themes qu'il m'ait été donné de voir sur iphone! merci "

Stephane, France



"I'm currently using your Carbonx HD theme and it's definitely the best! I can say that I've found my permanent theme."

Matthew, US




"This is best theme that I have ever seen and out of all the other themes that I have tried, those don't compare to how great this one is."

Anthony, US




"You are a truly professional guy, because you are always there for your customer.
I like your theme a lot because every icon isn't a square, they have a unique shape like the settings icon or phone icon. Other themes are just a square with different design inside. Your icons rules 'cause they are are very elegant and cool!"

Matías, Chile

"First of all I just want to tell you that CarbonX is amazing!! I am sure you hear that all the time, but you created something awesome here."

Greg, Florida - US




"CarbonX HD Pro is one of the best designed and most complete themes I have seen to date.

I like the fact that after installation the phone is still recognizable as an iPhone, some themes go too far for most to appreciate and/or use on a daily bases.

CarbonX HD is the first theme I recommend to friends and family after jailbreaking their iPhone and they usually like it so much they don't look for others.

Thank you very much for the outstanding job and continued support!"

Austin, US




"My wife hates my i4 and even she admitted that it's a sexy look."

Jonny, CA




"I just wanted to say how much I love your theme. It's the most complete and polished theme available in my opinion. Very professional looking! The icons are amazing"

Steve, CA




"I love the CarbonX HD theme. The icons are great and look crisp on my iPhone 4"

William, US




"Love the update Thomas! Nice work! I just had to send you a picture of my springboard. I show it off to every person I know. Many ask me if my phone has iOS 5 on it :)
They're like wow Apple really made it nice this time!!

Keep it up Thomas, you're by far the best theme artist around. I hope CarbonX will be on iOS 5 and iPad 2 jailbreak or I won't update!! "

Jeff, US


Got anything to say about CarbonX HD? Please let me know: thrane@(Delete this!)carbonx.me



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